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I'm honored to say this car won 2nd in its class at the 2017 Hillsborough Concours, the longest running of its kind in the world where only 200 vehicles are handpicked for admittance.

This award would not have been possible without the help and support of folks like yourself. Special talent is needed to restore special parts back to their glory (or better!) and the work you do is as much an art as it is craft. Add to that, aside from the fact it's getting harder to find shops like yours which has both the reputation and quality of work which can be counted on, it's even more difficult to find one that offers such good communication. In my view, your ability to effectively articulate issues, needs, timeliness and such with your customers played a huge role in building my confidence about your abilities to satisfy all my needs for trim restoration. Sure enough, the end-result matched. So a big thank you for all your great work that ultimately helped make this prestigious award possible.


Roger Towne
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