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I own a 1968 Ford Galaxie fastback that is in beautiful shape. It is a big block car with 84k original miles on it. I had driven it to a friend’s cancer benefit, where it was parked. When I came back out I discovered that someone had vandalized my car. It is equipped with anodized aluminum trim that extends from front to back, along the midline, on both sides of the car. Someone had pulled a potion of the right rear trim piece off of the car. They bent it forward, kinking and cracking the aluminum.

I spent hours on the internet and phone searching for a new or good used trim piece to replace my damaged piece, with no luck. The remaining trim on the car was in very nice condition considering its age. I live in southeastern North Dakota. I called shops in the general area to see if my damaged trim could be repaired, but none of my local shops would work on anodized aluminum.

That’s when I found the web site for “Shine on Me”. It looked like a facility that could take care of my problem. I sent a message and ended up in contact with the shop’s owner Norm Huie. Unlike other parts and repair people I had spoken with recently, Norm took the time to listen to me and showed genuine concern. He assured me that he could help me, and I was not disappointed.

In all, I was overwhelmed with the quality of the work and service I received from Norm and Shine on Me. He runs his business with care and integrity. In the grand scheme of automotive restoration, my small repair could not amount to much and yet Norm treated me like I was his best customer. I wish that every business owner operated like he does. I would whole heartedly recommend Shine on Me to anyone requiring that type of automotive repair or restoration.

Matthew Brown
Wahpeton, ND
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