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Here is the story of my 1967 Ranchero XL. I bought this car from Uncle Merle in 1987. Uncle Merle owned a junk yard and I was young and dumb. Let's just say that I learned about buying old cars with new paint.

Eventually I parked it in the garage because I didn't have the money to keep it running without a total restoration. So it sat until 2007. That year my old lady decided we needed to sheetrock our garage and "that car" needed to go. I found out that my business partner's son does exceptional body and fender work so I made arrangements to send the car to his house to be worked on as time and money allowed. Over time we got the body work and paint done and started on getting the engine and interior done. We sent the trim out for restoration and it came back straightened and polished only. That's when I found out that I had aluminum trim. Great, who restores that? So I started searching and found Shine on Me on the web. I sent Norm some tail light bezels to see what they could do. These bezels were off my parts car and one was badly crushed. I figured they would be no loss if something happen. They came back beautifully restored to show quality. So I started sending more and more trim down to them and each piece came back anodized and detailed to new condition. I now have no problem sending my stuff to Shine on Me. They are my "go to" guys. The picture really show it.

Darell Kissinger
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