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Realistic Expectations

When your pieces were originally produced, the manufacturer was working with “New” aluminum. We are applying the same “O.E.M.” process, but are dealing with “Old” aluminum. First of all, we must chemically strip each piece, which will cause a slight etch. The etch is not visible to the naked eye. Most of it will be eliminated in polishing, but there may still be a minute difference between the shine of an N.O.S. piece and your refinished piece when compared side by side. This color or sheen may differ from piece to piece depending on the underlying alloy and its degree of wear. Scratches and defects in the metal will be polished as meticulously and effectively as possible without sustaining breakthrough. Hence, some stubborn or more severe areas may reappear after anodizing – this is unavoidable. Furthermore, aluminum is like pot metal in that, once stripped there may be pits that were not visible before. Sometimes these pits can be polished out, but they may also become larger with polishing. Because of this we cannot guarantee a pit-free finish on old aluminum.

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