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Polished Aluminum Follow up Care

Maintenance of polished aluminum involves very little effort, certainly no more than maintaining the condition of your car's glass and chrome. The amount of time your car spends outside in the elements, day and night, will determine the rate of oxidization which naturally takes place with bare soft metals. With garaged vehicles, taken to cruise nights and shows, the upkeep will be minimal. On daily drivers, we suggest, on perhaps a monthly basis, taking a soft cloth and rubbing thoroughly with a Quality Metal Polish, such as Flitz Polish, Blue Magic, or Wenol's Metal Polish. After a good polishing, buff to its original high shine with a clean, soft cloth. That's it! Some guys like to add a thin coat of carnauba wax, but this is not essential. Be sure, however, that whatever polish you choose to apply, do not use anything that is abrasive such as rubbing compound or automotive cleaner.

Your bare aluminum is a soft metal, and will scratch if aggressively polished with anything abrasive.

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