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Shine On Me (Continued)

My part in this picture has become this: I take in the customerís distressed trim parts for full assessment with my metal team, a group of folks who over time have become a power team of skill and expertise with my own restorations. I discuss thoroughly my expectations with them, along with pointing out specific repairs and flaws to be dealt with. They have come to know my ďpickinessĒ for quality work over the years, and I reiterate these objectives with them each time I make my visit. I then supervise each project, request re-doís if necessary, then bring the pieces to my home shop. At this point, such as with grille and rear panel work, I fine-line mask and airbrush factory details on the finished pieces, and do any further detailing to make the items complete. My goal is to provide a service which supervises the upgrading of trim parts to show quality from start to finish, at far less the cost of searching for and purchasing NOS items.

If youíre interested in knowing more about this process in general, along with prices and availability of finished trim pieces, please donít hesitate to contact me huiehome@cox.net, and Iíll be happy to address your specific concerns and questions. Until then, letís honor our classic rides by letting them shine!       - Norm Huie -

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