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A number of years back in New England, while at the Ford Falcon National Convention in Connecticut, I was strolling the rows of beautifully restored Falcons, all years and models imaginable, and was impressed by the growing quality of restorations emerging from this band of enthusiastic car-folks. However, if I were to make one suggestion to graduate these cars from sweet to sweeter, it would be to adequately address bright trim.

Many of us have experienced bringing home our freshly painted classic from the body shop, so excited at the transformation that has taken place. However, when the bright-metal and interior plastic is all re-installed, we find, up against the polished new paint, that WAY more attention is drawn to these trim items than before, and the demand for quality becomes clear. Once thinking that our slightly "blushed" or pitted parts were passable on our previous driver, they now look sheepishly out-of-place, as though the car's paint is now over-restored for the existing trim and moldings. Even though the aftermarket folks are pursuing some fine reproductions these days, one is still left with unreproduced components which beg to be addressed, often including grille, rear panel trim, various bezels, taillight buckets, side trim, dash plastic, wheelcovers, and stainless, to name a few. The big chrome shops do their attempts at quantity jobs, yet most of their clientele become discouraged with re-do's, lost or damaged parts, and merely an overall lack of communication.

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